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Why Wardchat?

  • Electorally Profiled Member Connection
  • Electorally Curated News Feed
  • 36 States + FCT Chatrooms
  • 774 Local Government Chatrooms
  • 8802 Ward Chatrooms
  • Polling Unit Locator
  • Followers Drill Down By Electoral Level - Ward, Local Government and State
  • Microblogging
  • Photo and Video Upload & Sharing
  • Secure Communication

How it Works

Upon successfully signing up;


Update Your
Electoral Profile

Your Electoral Profile information is important to us. Members’ activities on the network are determined by this.

If you are a registered voter but unsure of your electoral details (ward and local government), you can get these from your PVC [Personal Voter’s Card]. We have also provided a drop-down list with filters to help you fill this section.

If you are not yet a registered voter, you can search and pick the state, ward and local government of interest to you as the preferred electoral information for your profile update. If you are resident in Nigeria, it is important you then register with INEC in line with your preference.

Nigerian Voters Community


Update Your
State of Origin Profile

Your State of Origin information is equally important to us. Some of the platform features will leverage on this.

We have provided a drop-down list with filters to aid your update. Please select your state of origin, local government of origin, and the ward and polling unit closest to your country home or family compound.

Connect with voters from your state, local government, ward, and polling unit

On saving your profile, you will have immediate access to your state, local government and ward chatrooms where you can meet and discuss political, governance and other matters of interest with fellow voters from same state, local government or ward.

You can also connect and follow voters from your ward, local government and state. These are voters from your Electoral State and/or State of Origin.

You can use your Wardchat handle to share opinions, local news and events from your ward, local government and state.

Nigerian Voters Community


Update Your
State of Origin Profile

Nigerian Voters Community


Build relationships and
political networks

You can build new relationships – political, business, professional – that can add value to you and your fellow voters. Politicians do business to build trust and loyalty. So, should you.

You can advertise your trade and business within your space using your handle or the chatrooms.

Members can start building a strong political support base in their ward, local government and state for future political aspirations. We have provided the platform and access to the critical target audience. Use it in the best and most responsible way you can.

Nigerian Voters Community


Influence your
electoral space

Get involved in political activities at your ward, local government and state.

Support your ward and local government in matters requiring such. This could be in form of donations to help a voter in need, community service, provision of basic amenities etc.

Follow and comment on curated news and events from your state and local government

Nigerian Voters Community


Influence your
electoral space

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Explainer Video

Nigerian Voters Community

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Wardchat is Nigeria's 1st Online Non-Partisan Social Network for an electoral community aimed at bridging the gap between Nigeria’s influential middle class and the powerful mass lower class, leveraging on social networking technology.

This platform makes it possible for voters to connect at their state, local government, ward and polling unit level.
Through this connection, we hope that political engagements, associations, coalitions and support can be deployed and consistently sustained before, during and after elections.

You will also have access to our curated daily news feed from your state and local government. Wardchat aims to deliver the biggest online political network capable of influencing electoral outcomes in Nigeria in service of improved governance and progressive development.

Every Nigerian – partisan or non-partisan – living in Nigeria or in the diaspora interested in active participation in politics and governance at the grassroots.

While voter registration is not a mandatory requirement to join, we encourage you to do so as this will help us connect you with fellow voters with same electoral profile, for example, same ward.

Nigerians in Diaspora can also join to stay close to situations and events at the ward, local government or state they left behind, and contribute, in any form or kind, to the political process needed to deliver improved governance at those levels.

Based on your electoral and state of origin profiles, our network will automatically assign all members with similar profiles to the same group.

These groups are at State, Local Government and Ward levels in line with Nigeria’s INEC [Independent National Electoral Commission] delineation and hierarchy.

For example, all members from Lagos are assigned to Lagos State, all members from Eti-Osa Local Government (in Lagos) are assigned to that local government and all members from Victoria Island 1 Ward are assigned to that ward on the platform.

Members can have access to group chats at each level to interact with other members. This is a non-partisan grouping; however, members can discuss and espouse their political affiliations and party support.
Members in same group can also connect and follow each other’s activities as is common with any social network.

The platform connects you with your fellow voters where it matters – your polling unit, ward, local government and state.
Through this connection, we believe you can:
  • build a solid political following and support base to influence governance at those levels of our federal structure.
  • determine who, including yourselves, is worthy of any elective office and work towards fulfilling that objective.
  • broker business deals that empower you economically to take on the challenges of politics.
  • Socialize and have fun as you create strong relationships, loyalty and political bond that can withstand the test of multiple political contests.

  • On this platform, distance is not a barrier as you can reside anywhere and still connect with your electoral base.
    You will also have access to our carefully curated news and stories from your states to help you follow governance matters requiring your attention.

    The geo tag capabilities on this platform will also help you search for the nearest polling units to your location. There are more features and benefits to be rolled out on a long term, and your participation at this early stage will give us the impetus to deliver on our long-term plans.

Yes, you can, subject to a maximum of 2 each. We have carefully considered the need to keep members’ interaction limited to states they have interest in based on their origin or electoral profile.

For example, if you are resident in Lagos but registered to vote in Anambra, you will be able to join Lagos Group down to the Ward level of your interest/circle of influence and also join Anambra group down to the ward level where you are registered.

Through these groups, you can interact and build your network of influence and active participation in political and governance matters at those levels. We want to build grassroots champions before going national.

We will carefully curate news from your states to help you follow, without need to be searching all over the internet, governance and other matters emerging from your state of interest.

We expect that this will keep conversations live and present at the group forums on a daily basis and get your target audience (fellow ward/polling unit voters) well informed.

We are a group of professionals driven by a sense of patriotism and urgency to play our part in the political space, leveraging on technology and internet penetration to close fundamental gaps we have noted in this space.

We are 100% private sector-driven without any political party affiliation or role in Government past or present.

While we recognize the urgency to improve governance in Nigeria, we will take our time and be patient enough to build this platform as a sustainable enabler of a better Nigeria.

Your other platforms are valuable for what they are; connecting you with friends of all nationalities across the world and creating a massive platform for you to showcase your talent and ideas.

Wardchat gives you a platform to connect to the right Nigerian audience and comrades who you can collaborate with to make impactful political change in the country, especially at the grassroots level where the real politicking happens. With our algorithm, we will match you with voters from your same polling unit, ward, local government and state.

Through this platform, you can build a strong social and political presence with those who matter most as far as matters of politics and governance are concerned in Nigeria.

We must also note that this platform is proudly Nigerian for Nigerians. Let’s create our own political space to address our own deficiencies. Truth be told, we are making a lot of sense, but not to those who decide the Nigerian fate during elections.
Nigerian Voters Community

Community Rules

Our objective is to create an electoral community where members value and add value to each other.

  • Keep members safe

    Socialize Responsibly. Give and Earn Respect. Value Each Other

  • Make it count

    Influence your space positively

  • Spot & Report

    If you have any concern on something posted, whether in profiles, posts, messages, comments, or anywhere else, please report it to us.

  • Showcase yourself

    Let's know you and what makes you a great person

  • Be Accountable

    Own your words and actions. Accept responsibility

  • Violation & Sanctions

    We will take appropriate actions on any substantiated violations of our community rules.

  • Rule & Law

    Comply with our rules and follow the law of your community.



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